WATCH: Max and Max (2021) | Short Film Drama

WATCH: Max and Max (2021) | Short Film Drama

Based upon a true story which occurred in Stockwell. Filmed on the Cotton Gardens Estate in Kennington. The main character Max Junior is played by Nicholas Benjamin with Michelle Huirama playing the role of Deborah the Stepmum and Barnaby Gickel playing the role of the Max Senior. A short story about a 29 year old Schizophrenic who self medicates on Atypical antipsychotics as well as antidepressants. His severe and deteriorating mental health stems from what he endured and was exposed to in his childhood. Frustration only continues to grow as he lives under the same roof as his Dad and Stepmum. The boy who was once tormented and abused now becomes the abuser in a very devastating and macabre manner. Written and Directed by Christopher Ime Etim Ita. Edited by Christopher Pottinger.


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