On The Line: And Then There Was X…A Tribute to Earl ‘DMX’ Simmons.

On The Line: And Then There Was X…A Tribute to Earl ‘DMX’ Simmons.

When certain artists pass away it truly breaks your heart and Earl ‘DMX’ Simmons was one of them.

DMX was more than just an artist though he was a larger than life individual who took the torch, left behind by Tupac Shakur, and held it high by providing raw emotion, honesty and street experiences into his music. DMX was a real open book, to the hardships in his life, and was never afraid to say it.

X was one of the first artists, alongside the likes of Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Eminem and more, that introduced to the world of Hip-Hop, over 20 years ago, and was a huge influence on me over the years.

As soon as his voice came through the speakers you couldn’t help but stop, and listen, to what he was saying as he was able to draw you into his world something that modern day artists just can’t achieve in today’s, rather disposable, streaming era.

His passing is truly tragic as he was getting back out there again with his ‘Verzuz’ battle with Snoop Dogg, his collaboration with The L.O.X and a new album on the way. For the first time, in a long time, DMX seemed to be going in the right direction.

Unfortunately April 9th, 2021, will go down as the day that his demons got the better of him and he finally passed away.

But I’m not here though to discuss his downfalls, or how his life ended, as I would rather leave a list of my favourite DMX songs and reminisce about an artist, and individual, who truly was one of a kind.

So to Earl ‘DMX’ Simmons thank you for your contributions and the love will always remain while people still play your music all around the world.

Rest easy X.

Bean ‘G.M. B-Eazy’ Lebouc

#Slippin – https://youtu.be/9Ww-TQUeA3E

#WhoWeBe – https://youtu.be/ziPmIGs7J-g

#OneMoreRoadToCross – https://youtu.be/pChjlA6ZXjw

#Damien – https://youtu.be/nrux3ot6eLI

#WhatsMyName – https://youtu.be/Gb-r4jRgDKY


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