Shocking video of elderly white woman spitting on her black caregiver Black caregiver spit on by white woman: who is she and what really happened in the viral white woman spit on black care worker video?

A black caregiver has film the moment an elderly white woman was spitting on her multiple times. In video making rounds on social media, the caregiver is seen washing the dishes while the elderly woman stands beside her, chewing something, before spitting at her. The elderly woman did not stop there, as she asked the caregiver if she wants more. She then chewed what she had in her hand then spits at the caregiver again. the woman spat at the black woman three times. The video has angered viewers after it was shared online, with people saying the elderly woman knew what she was doing

Video has gone #viral​ showing A #blackwoman​ caregiver being spat upon multiple times in what looks like an act of #racism​ at work!

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