On The Line: Influential Villain – A Tribute to MF DOOM.

On The Line: Influential Villain – A Tribute to MF DOOM.

By the time this comes out it would have been three months since Daniel ‘MF DOOM’ Dumile passed away and one month since his wife, Jasmine, announced it via his Instagram.

On a personal level I’m still absolutely devastated, and heart broken, by his passing despite never meeting, nor contacting, Dumile in my life but his influence on me had that much of an impact that it felt like I’d personally lost a close friend.

It’s very rare that an artist (or anyone from the entertainment industry) can affect someone personally like that but that’s exactly what happened to me with DOOM.

Whether it was my ‘BeanDOOM’ EP, using his ‘Special Herbs’ instrumentals for live performances, mixtapes based on his work (‘Mach-DOOM: DUMP VILLAINZ’), creating characters to release new projects or my approach to writing certain songs MF DOOM’s influence on me, over the last decade, was huge and I definitely feel, as both an artist and fan, like I lost piece of me when he passed.

I was pretty late on DOOM as I only really discovered him, properly, in 2008 after purchasing his ‘Special Blends’ mixtapes from a local record shop. I’d heard bits about DOOM but wasn’t really familiar with him, or his work, at this point.

Shortly after falling in love with DOOM’s production, on ‘Special Blends’, I went and bought both ‘Operation: DOOMSDAY’ and KMD’s ‘Black Bastards’ as both had been hailed as underground Hip-Hop classics, by various sources, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about especially from a lyrical point of view.

KMD – Plumskinzz (Loose, Hoe, God and Cupid): https://youtu.be/FIIQg0rArzE

It actually took me a few listens to really get into them, however, both albums got me in the end and really changed my outlook, on underground Hip-Hop, as a whole. In my personal opinion ‘Operation: DOOMSDAY’ is still one of the greatest concept albums ever created truly blurring the line between the real Daniel Dumile and the MF DOOM character through deep lyricism and, extremely, well placed skits.

MF DOOM – DOOMSDAY: https://youtu.be/CRHyBwNtkLA

The more I dug into ‘Operation: DOOMSDAY’ the more I learnt about Daniel Dumile (as both Zev Love X and MF DOOM) and his purpose as an artist. It also gave me further depth, and understanding, of KMD’s second album as well.

After that I bought more DOOM projects including ‘Mm…FOOD’, ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ (as King Geedorah), ‘Special Herbs’, ‘Born Like This’ and many, many, more.

Regardless of whether you really got the whole MF DOOM character, his lyricism, or approach to the music industry there is no denying the man was ahead of his time and a true genius.

There are many artists such as Earl Sweatshirt, Mach-Hommy, Tha God Fahim, Your Old Droog, Lupe Fiasco and many others who will continue to hold the torch that Dumile held high, above the Hip-Hop culture, over the last couple of decades but, in truth, we all know that there will never been an artist like him ever again. He was a true one of a kind.

He managed to lose his brother, get dropped from his label and end up out in the cold, for nearly three years, to return to the industry, with a new identity, and go forth to change the game forever. That’s some straight up legendary shit!!!

Anyway I don’t want to go on for too long so I just want to end by saying thank you Daniel Dumile for the influence you personally had on me, and my music, and if I could touch just one life the way you touched millions of lives, with my music, I will be a happy man.

Enjoy catching up with Subroc, and Malachi, in heaven and tell them that everything went according to plan.

MF DOOM – ?: https://youtu.be/4ldikD78vTw

Rest in Peace DOOM and thank you for everything!!! Hip-Hop will never be the same…until DOOMSDAY!!!


T.D.K Presents Gas Drawls: The Birth of DOOM (Mixtape) – https://www.longislandrap.com/2017/05/tdk-presents-gas-drawls-birth-of-doom.html?m=1

Bean ‘G.M. B-Eazy’ Lebouc.


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