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INTERVIEW | G-HOLY! 2020 Winter Catch Up!

Leroy Maddox Jr (born September 28) better known as The God G-HOLY, Philadelphia music artist, founder of DREEMTEAM and COO of Elite Klass. Other than releasing 2 digital-exclusive projects, [2018’s ‘FREELOVE & ‘B4 I Live 4 U’] G-HOLY hosts and produces “DREEMTEAM Manifest”, a Ted Talks style podcast also available on all platforms.

The God G-HOLY came from a rough place, childhood & background. Over the years we’ve seen him transition from just being in rap to building an empire via hip-hop website (G-HOLY.COM)

New single “One Night In Miami” dropping on Christmas

“DreemTeam Manifest” (a spiritual advice series) and DreemTeam merch. Dreem | Awake’ album is dropping in 2021.

Merch: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DREEAMTEAM

Afrikan Jawn: https://instagram.com/theafrikanjawn

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