Audio Dope: Busta Rhymes – E.L.E 2: The Wrath of God (iTunes Stream)

8 years after the release of his last album, ‘Year of The Dragon’, Busta Rhymes returns with the sequel to, his 1998 classic ‘Extinction Level Event: The Final World Front’.

The album features guest appearances from Anderson Pakk, Kendrick Lamar, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Mary J. Blige, Rapsody, Rakim, Chris Rock, M.O.P and many, many more!!!

An absolutely stacked album with Busta showing that he hasn’t missed a step after three decades in the game!!!

Stream + Purchase –

Audio Dope: The Primarch System – The Primarch System (Bandcamp Stream + Purchase)

The extremely mysterious The Primarch System drop there, self titled, debut album via the DeckHead Records Bandcamp.

The project acts as more of a instrumental remix project of additional instrumentation over beats from renowned producers such as SadhuGold, Madlib, MF DOOM, Apollo Brown, Earl Sweatshirt, Daringer and, the late greats, J Dilla and Nujabes.

There’s three tracks (‘Sick World’ Pt. 1 & 2 and ‘Mad As Hell!’) that feature audio bites as well as an uncredited verse from an unknown artist on ‘Dark Match’ that throw more into this interesting, yet bizarre, release.

A dope album with a few uncomfortable turns that might make listeners a bit uneasy but, we guess, that’s kind of the point. Humans fear what they don’t understand.

Stream + support the album here – The Primarch System (Stream + Purchase)

Mystikal Talks No Limit Records, Early Influences, Hit Records + more

N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN are the Drink Champs. In this episode the guys drink it up with Mystikal. The New Orleans legend talks about working with No Limit Records, Cash Money and his early influences. On this episode the guys get Busta Rhymes on the phone to lock in his future episode.

People’s Party with Talib Kweli & Michael Rapaport

On this episode of People’s Party, Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with actor, comedian, writer, sports reporter, podcast host, “international hero”, hip hop aficionado, and close friend of Talib — Michael Rapaport.

Get ready for a wild one here, with an interview as upfront, honest, and hilarious as any we’ve seen here on People’s Party. All starting with Mike growing up in New York during the 1980’s, where for him “it was all about basketball, hip hop, and talkin’ shit”, then moving to LA to do stand-up comedy, which evolved into an acting career, starring in movies like “Zebrahead” and “Higher Learning”.

As the show progresses the trio find themselves in sometimes heated disagreements over a few things, such as the firing of the Shane Gillis from SNL , and how much is “too much” even in world of comedy, the use of the N-word, and Mike’s controversial “ashy ankles” comment towards Kenya Moore.

Later, Mike speaks on the “Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest,” documentary he directed, and what it was like working with these legends on something so personal. He also talks about his meeting Dave Chappelle, his book “This Book Has Balls..”, commentating for the “BIG3” league, and concludes with the story of how he saved hundreds of lives on a plane, garnering status of “international hero”.

C-MURDER Innocent Not Guilty

Call Louisiana’s Governor and tell him to FREE COREY MILLER.
(985) 386-9525

The justice system should be to protect the innocent and to imprison the guilty. The justice system has done Corey Miller wrong.

Corey Miller was wrongly convicted due to his rap personality.

The Louisiana supreme court have denied Corey Miller’s appeals and a retrial. The Louisiana supreme court did the same thing to: Glenn Ford, he was wrongfully convicted in a Louisiana murder case. Glenn Ford left the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, La., in 2014. His conviction in a murder case was vacated after he spent more than 29 years on death row. He died less than two months after he was released. From untreated lung cancer while in prison in Angola!!! Corey Miller should not have to endure the same torture Glenn Ford went through. There are visible flaws in the Louisiana justice system. The death penalty need to be abolished. Errors, negligence and deliberate misconduct by prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers are the most pervasive cause of wrongful convictions in Louisiana. Court appointed lawyers caused, at least in part, 77% of the convictions in Louisiana . Please free a man that has been wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit. How can you convict a person of murder if there wasno evidence to convict Corey Miller. There was




But, this man is sitting in prison serving a life sentence while the real man who did this crime is out there running the streets free to commit other crimes. Please take a moment of your time and sign this petition and help Corey Miller be free. Corey need to come home to his family. So that he can enjoy his life with his family and be a father to his 3 daughters. Please overturn Corey Miller conviction he should not be locked up for a crime that he did not commit!!! What would you do if it was your family member was wrongfully convicted of a crime? Corey Miller need to be exonerated and released from prison and compensated for the wrongful conviction. He should not have to rot in prison like so many other men in Angola and like Glenn Ford. Corey Miller deserve to be heard and he should be released from prison!!!

Audio Dope: Bout Dat Online ‘Audio Dope Awards 2020’ winners!!!

Last night, during the series finale of WCDJC’S ‘Audio Dope Show’ on Radio WIGWAM, we announced the winners of the 3rd annual ‘Audio Dope Awards’!!!

If you missed the show here is the list of this year’s winners!!!

Best Album: Conway The Machine – From King To A GOD.

Conway The Machine provided his fans with his most diverse, and open, work on his debut album which serves as a prelude to, his major label debut, ‘God Don’t Make Mistakes’ that is due to drop on Shady soon (we hope!). The album shows that Conway could potentially have the same cross over appeal as 50 Cent did during his ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ days. Gritty street music that could grab everyone’s attention. For proof just hit play on, the Erick Sermon and Rockwilder produced, ‘Forever Droppin Tears’ to hear what we’re talking about.

Stream/Purchase here –

Best Song: Westside Gunn – Shawn vs. Flair.

The Griselda onslaught continues as Westside Gunn teamed up with, the legendary, DJ Premier for what can only be described as a piece of art from his ‘Pray For Paris’ album. Gunn’s signature flow, and wordplay, over a classic Preemo beat hits the mark. Plus Gunn made Preemo watch Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair’s classic Wrestlemania match to get him in the headspace to make this beat so adds even more brilliance to the track.

Stream here –

Best Mixtape or EP: Lupe Fiasco – House.

Lupe teamed up with, producer, Kaelin Ellis for his incredibly dope, 5-track EP, ‘House’ that has Lupe going fully into concept mode and not so much flexing his lyrical muscle but brilliantly going for a gentle stroll with it. Superb tracks like ‘Dinosaurs’ and ‘Shoes’ only highlight Lupe’s intelligence on the mic over Ellis’s, dream-like, production. Lupe is definitely on a different wave to the rest of Hip-Hop and this project proves it.

Stream here –

Congratulations to this years winners!!!

You can check out the show again, for the next 3 weeks, on Saturday nights @ 11pm (UK) and Midnight (USA/Canada) on Radio WIGWAM –