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Snoop Dogg & Master P tear it up to NO LIMIT CHRONICLES Lost Tapes!

MASTER P EDUCATES THE NEXT GENERATION WITH “NO LIMIT CHRONICLES LOST TAPES” FIRST SINGLE “YOU NEED TO KNOW” *The Ice Cream Man Master P has sold over 100 million records independently and is giving the blueprint to the next generation. The first single “YouNeed To Know” from No Limit Chronicles Lost Tapes is seriously heartfelt on the streets. The Colonel of The Tank shares real game with the hustlers, soldiers, professional athletes and entertainers, it’s all about preparation, ownership and education. “If you gettin’ money this the shit you need to know…”. Another classic banger by the super producer
BlaqnMilD. Dedicated to Nipsey Hussel, Breyonna Taylor and George Floyd.

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