Tim Westwood Caught Up In Drive-by Shooting Amidst Multiple Misconduct Allegations!

Former BBC Radio 1 Disk Jockey Tim Westwood was reportedly at an address in Harlow, Essex (thought to be recording a drill rap video. Three people were shot reported as shot in a drive-by shooting at 5am last Saturday morning. Robert Powell, 50 (later died in hospital) while two women were also taken to hospital with single gunshot wounds.

Timothy William Westwood (62) is a British DJ and presenter of radio and television. He is often referred to by other DJs and artists appearing on his shows simply as Westwood. He presented the MTV UK show Pimp My Ride UK.

Tim who has long faced criticism of recent for being a “culture vulture” would garner further outrage with reports from females online, alleging that he has behaved incredulously for a man of his age.



An online petition has been created called ‘INVESTIGATE TIM WESTWOOD’ that cites searching Tim Westwood’s name on Twitter you’ll see black women coming forward about their experience with Westwood which happened even as young as 16 .

For some, this is an open secret and they believe that he may be being protected – a rapper named Ty likens him to Jimmy Savile. 


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Very sad display from Tim Westwood if credence to these stories, what do you guys think? should he be held accountable? We reached out to Tim who has been yet to respond to these claims


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