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[WATCH] EDL Clash With Police & Others Protesters In London Trafalgar Square!

Football hooligans, edl, the far right, antifa, the far left, met police, blm protestors and horses! were seen in multiple viral videos over the weekend clashing in different sections of the UK Capital City.

Protestors were out to continue Anti Racism message and so were “patriots” out to defend statues and their culture.

It seems Tommy Robinson retracting his statements could not stop his earlier message to “fire up” disenfranchised Brits who reportedly shown out in numbers. Many were notably drunk and violent as Football hooliganism or soccer hooliganism is known for its disorderly and destructive behaviour.

Although the official charity protest was postponed due to Tommy Robinson and EDL threat of violence but some community members and protestors still attended not to deface statues but to protect members of the public from intimidation.

Sounding eerily similar to a Hunger Games premise “Tensions boiled in the Capital as factions clashed!”

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We grew up seeing our people spat on, beat up & killed in the streets just for being black, heard stories of n***a bashing, seeing our African & American brothers & sisters die in peaceful protests & here too. Yesterday this generation made it clear, we will put it all on line for our people’s. Salute all the young youth who stood firm with us it was dangerous & beautiful at the same time. #SolidLove 🖤✊🏾 For Real For Real & @raspectrebellion @giannijobi @l.o.d.e_ent @dolardee1 & 25 others with real heart 🖤 held it down till the Calvary came. God Bless You All ✨👏🏾 Emotional, the risk, the joy… P.S: No form of intimidation will have us house bound & the next time anyone plans a protest please don’t cancel 🙏🏾 WE ARE HERE FOR YOU ✨

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The Community heralded “SO SOLID CREW” frontman MEGAMAN and others for holding things down respectfully and making sure the people we’re safe (big ups)

UK Rapper and activist Bate Nate H was also on the frontline showing solidarity and unison.

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Today we made HISTORY for uk black people!!!!! From 1130am We marched , we protested PEACEFULLY and when the EDL came and tested us we DEFENDED ourselves in a Spartan manor and gave them what for even with their larger numbers we held it down & all my side was cool we did so well! @smasha.tv big up proud ah u slime ❌ cap I’m sooooo proud of my REAL ones today All the mandem who didn’t turn up SMFH 🤦🏽‍♂️ because if it was carnival you’d be there!!! We even had our sisters their PROTECTED with out a scratch Big up @raspectrebellion true SOLJAH & GANG with us too , @megaman from so solid 2 ALL YOU BROTHERS & SISTERS WHO WAS TELLING US STAY HOME OR “YOU SHOULDNT OF GONE …… COME OFF THIS PAGE YA TOO SOFT & WE AINT LIKE THAT HERE ✊🏿💚 #BLACKPOWER @linkuptv @grmdaily @clout_juice_ent @sbtvonline POST SOME REAL SHIT #blackpride #blackbetterment #weshallovercome #justiceforgeorgefloyd

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