Anthony Joshua Emphatically Stands Up To Protest Critics!

Anthony Joshua was not going to be silenced by haters and critics who feel he was wrong for his speech at recent protest in his home town of Watford

While most agreed with his sentiments and stance some took to social media to chime in where the champ was soon to response via his Twitter with the following tweet!

Boxing heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua joined people on a peaceful protest against the killing of George Floyd in his home town of Watford on Saturday. In a speech shared online, 30-year-old Joshua said: “We can no longer sit back and remain silent on this senseless, unlawful killings and sly racism on another human being – based on what? Only their skin colour. “We need to speak out in peaceful demonstrations – just like today, so well done Watford. We must not use a demonstration for selfish motives and turn it into rioting and looting.”

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