London, Birmingham, Bristol! Major cities protest for BLM! to mixed UK response

London, Birmingham, Bristol! Major cities protest for BLM! to mixed UK response

Protesters rally at London’s Parliament Square against racism

BLACK LIVES MATTER has been the latest slogan sweeping the World! Since the global viewing on George Floyd’s murder by US Police Force we have seen not only the London Hyde Park protests but many other major cities within the “United Kindgom”

Birmingham represented #blacklivesmatter respectfully and peacefully. Super proud of each and everyone the passion was felt and humbling to see the multiplicity of nations that want change, we must all do the best we can as individuals and a collective.

Lincoln, UK stepped in a also carried out peaceful protest up the historic “Steep Hill”

Protestors stated that “UK ARE NOT INNOCENT! 1741 deaths in police custody since 1990 and 0 convictions,”

“Join us stand for the hundreds of UK families and in solidarity with USA’s George Floyd family”

Statue of slave trader Edward Colston was pulled down during Bristol demonstrations! to mixed reactions on line many feel that it can take away from the issue when property damage occurs while others argue that damage to human life is the greater issue. There have been different factions of ideas flooding social media and while the unification of people wanting change is heralded by some, others appear to be firmly against any changes or feel that it is merely an American issue.

Popular Memes have been shared in condemnation of The Slave Trade

Many around the UK are speaking out and saying “The UK is not innocent” RIP George Floyd and countless others going through it and effected.

other places who have observed protest have been

· Manchester – St. Peter’s Square
· Edinburgh – Princes Street Gardens
· Glasgow – George Square
· Bristol – College Green
· Norwich – Haymarket
· Coventry – Godiva
· Derby – Derby Council House
· Colchester – Castle Park

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