Prince Markie Dee of the 80’s hip hop group The Fat Boys accepts rap battle challenge

Prince Markie Dee of the 80’s legendary rap group The Fat Boys has been put on the spot by famed emcee of the underground. Prince Markie Dee has posted up information about this challenge on his Instagram page.. Going tit-for-tat with the commentary on his IG post, Prince Markie Dee accepted the challenge to go one verse each over a beat, or basically one lyrical round with an antagonistic emcee you may all know too well.

This antagonist is sure to be in for one hell of a challenge as Prince Markie Dee is no amateur of hip hop, and the fans are in for a sure treat. It has been decades since the Fat Boys group member has even recorded anything for the record. Keep your eyes peeled on this one because there can only be one Victor.

Will Prince Markie Dee get cold feet? Will the challenger end up red faced? We will soon see…………

For more information on this challenge check out:

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