WrestleBiz: WWE for Sale?!?!?!

WrestleBiz: WWE for Sale?!?!?!

It is being reported that Vince McMahon maybe selling WWE!!!

Former WWE manager, and industry veteran, Dutch Mantell went to Twitter to claim he overheard a WWE employee, out of the companies HQ in Stamford, that Vince is in negotiations with FOX and ESPN to buy the company and it could take place as early as mid-May!!!


With the current COVID-19 pandemic, WWE’s current stale product, AEW and the boom of alternative promotions, falling ratings and XFL’s recent bankruptcy it is believed Vince is at breaking pointing!!!

Vince has always had a ‘Never say never’ mentality so who knows what the future holds for World Wrestling Entertainment.

If this is, in fact, true this would be the biggest things to ever happen to the business but whether it’s for the good of it, or not, is another question entirely!!!



Rap And Wrestling!!! If it aint

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