Three Queens on The Environmental, Spiritual and Medical Approach to Covid19

Theme: Covid-19 and disproportionate infection and death rates in Black communities.

Rev. Philippe SHOCK Matthews speaks on it with Dr Ashira Blazer – Dr of Rheumatology at NYU

Cherelle Blazer – Atmospheric Chemist

Sunni Patterson – Internationally renowned Poet and Culture Bearer Emerging from the musical womb that is New Orleans, Sunni Patterson combines the heritage of her native town with an enlightened modern style to create music and poetry that is timeless in its groove.

She began her career as a full-time high school teacher, and much of her life since has been devoted to serving as a cultural worker and grassroots activist, using art and poetry to encourage dialogue and healing. She has been a featured performer at many of the nation’s premier spoken-word venues, including HBO’s Def Poetry and BET’s Lyric Cafe. She also had the privilege of speaking at the Panafest in Ghana, West Africa and has collaborated with artists and performers, including Hannibal Lokumbe (singing lead vocals for his score, ”King and the Crescent City Moon”), Kalamu Ya Salaam, Sonia Sanchez, Wanda Coleman, Amiri Baraka, Mos Def, Eve Ensler, The Last Poets and many more.

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