5G Covid Conspiracies Continue! Animals Dying?

5G Conspiracy

We’ve seen a multitude of online reports and some aspects of social media ablaze with conspiracy theories to independent fact checkers and citizens alike at the ready to debunk what is said to be false information. In a rapidly evolving age of information and technological advancement we now face an epoch of pandemic within the human race.

Online videos have surfaced with apparantly citizens across the world voicing there fears and woe.

Not only have the World been rocked by the effect of the ‘coronavirus’ COVID-19 but during a time of global lockdown and social distancing many have weighed in with their feelings that the 5G roll out has some adverse part to play in things. With social media threatening to remove media as such that is deemed as unfactual and people being restless and socially distant is there any credence to these claims? let us know your thought and feeling or concerns if you have any.


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