MC Eiht & Talib Kweli Talk 2Pac’s Role In Menace II Society

In this clip from People’s Party, MC Eiht talks about how Tupac originally had the role of Sharif in 1993’s ‘Menace II Society.’ But because he was outspoken about not liking the character, he was fired, and the part went to Vonte Sweet. MC Eiht speculates that Tupac was intentionally given a role he’d hate to drive him away from being in the movie. He then goes into his artistic relationship with Tupac and criticizes Tupac for connecting with gang life in LA, seeing that as a step back for the rapper since he had already made it through that struggle and was a success.

Producer Rick Boss Gears Up New 2Pac Movie On Him Being Alive!

In Regards to the anticipated and intriguing “2PAC THE GREAT ESCAPE FROM UMC” Rick Boss states that “This movie is about Tupac actually escaping University Medical Center here in Vegas and relocating to New Mexico and getting protection from the Navajo tribe.” Is this great movie promotion or is their more to the story, Tupac diehard fans have mixed reception but the most popular thought of him being alive is pleasing to many. Rick Boss cites his affiliation with The Black Panthers as merit.

Master P On Saving Snoop Dogg From Death Row!

New Orleans rap icon Master P sits with Nick Cannon and discusses his role in bringing Snoop Dogg over to No Limit Records after leaving Death Row, the importance of African American representation in Hollywood, and lists his top 5 rappers, which includes the legend Lil Wayne.

Wontangclon “4Life” BDX Bout Dat Challenge


Mr. Wontangclon! hits up the 2020 BDX challenge for the International Playerz!!! Tap in for some bilingual rap fire as the first multinational artist gets it in for the culture!

Scott Steiner Rushed To Hospital At Impact! Tapings

Saddened Tp Report That “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner Has Been Rushed To Hospital Lastt Night!

Various news sites are reporting that Wrestling Legend Scott Steiner collapsed backstage at last nights Impact Wrestling tapings and has been rushed to hospital in a serious condition.

We would like to wish Scott a speedy recovery.

Some of Scott Steiner Best Bits From Impact Wrestling Tenture