Monthly Archives: February 2020

WATCH: The Tower of Babel and the origin of ‘races’

According to history recorded in the Bible everyone who has ever lived comes from Adam and Eve. At Babel, after Noah’s flood, God created several language groups from a single language group, resulting in the dispersion of these groups all over the world. This raises questions such as: how did different skin colours originate? What about all the fossil evidence

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WrestleBiz: Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame class of 2020.

Japanese wrestling legend Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger was recently announced as one of the inductees into this years WWE Hall Of Fame. The New Japan legend, who retired at this years ‘Wrestle Kingdom 14’ event, helped shape WCW’s Light heavyweight and Cruiserweight divisions, and even wrestled in the first match on the debut episode of ‘Nitro’ against, the late, Brian Pillman

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