WrestleBIZ: What is next for Matt Hardy: AEW or Impact! Wrestling?

In 2017, off the back of his super over run in Impact!, Matt Hardy, alongside his brother Jeff, returned to WWE and won the RAW tag team titles at Wrestlemania. Nearly 3 years later he’s jobbing on RAW!!!

His most recent loss, to Erick Rowan, had Hardy trending at No. 17 on Twitter, worldwide for his recent slump, with Hardy even saying he may not have many matches under the WWE banner!!! So what’s next for him going forward if he does leave?

Well he could join AEW or even return for another run in Impact! Wrestling where he had huge success with his, insanely genius, ‘Broken’ gimmick!!!

We’d like to just note that Hardy could also join Ring of Honour, New Japan or any other company but we feel that AEW and Impact! are his best options!!! Impact! is a company he is extremely familiar with and got to develop in and AEW is a new opportunity on a great platform!!!

Hardy is a veteran with a lot to offer, not just in the ring, but also in a backside capacity too!!!

Hardy was solely responsible for the ‘Broken’ gimmick which proves he could work well in a character development role, in either AEW or Impact!, once he finally hangs up his boots!!! Hardy, we believe, has the brains to succeed greatly in a booker role helping grow others!!!

He could easily do a Billy Gunn, or Tommy Dreamer, and work behind the scenes whilst still climbing in the ring on a part time basis!!!

The world is Matt Hardy’s, if he does decide to leave WWE, but, yet again, he’s wasted in the WWE Universe and has a lot of great options to go to!!!

Let’s hope he finds his footing again elsewhere and shows the world why he’s so respected by the fans because, at the moment, we can all understand how difficult it is to be Matt Hardy the legend of broken brilliance!!!

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