On The Line: The Breakdown: WCDJC’s #AudioDopeShow Series 1 Stats!!!

On The Line: The Breakdown: WCDJC’s #AudioDopeShow Series 1 Stats!!!

We are proud to present the official stats (as of December 9th) for the first series of World Class DJ Club’s ‘Audio Dope Show’ on TrunkOfunk Radio’s Mixcloud channel!!!

When the ‘Audio Dope Show’ first started we predicted the estimated streaming numbers for each episode would be between 40-50. So over 8 episodes, in series 1, that would be between 320-400 total streams. We have now tallied up the total streaming numbers for series 1 and we are so proud of whats come up!!!

The total number is 512 which, based on the estimates, is 192 streams more than 320 and 112 more than 400!!! We also checked out the chart stats for the series, on Mixcloud’s #UndergroundHipHop chart, and came back with the following –

x2 Top 20 (13th and 17th)
x2 Top 40 (34th and 38th)
x3 Top 50 (43rd, 43rd and 49th)
x1 Top 70 (69th)

7 episodes reached the top half of the chart out of 8!!! Big up everyone who streamed, shared and supported the first series!!! The numbers and stats above have shown that it has well been worth the time and effort!!!

Oh and, before we forget, their were 6,649 total minutes streamed which averages at around 830 minutes for each show!!!

Please let us take the time to big up all the artists who’s dope music we’ve played on the show!!! Without the artists, who invest in their craft to make dope music, we would have no show so thank you!!!

Also special thanks to G.M. B-Eazy, for producing each episode, and DJ Stefunk, of TrunkOfunk, for letting us release them through the Mixcloud channel!!!!

The ‘Audio Dope Show’ will be back in February on Radio WIGWAM and then available to stream, 2 weeks after broadcast, on TrunkOfunk Radio!!!



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