Artist Spotlight (Interview) Rodomatic Jones

Rodomatic Jones

Where do you hail from?

I come from Rocky Mount Nc

How did your artist name come about?

Years prior to my name being Rodomatic it was Rodo, I put the Matic at the end of my name in 2012, it was short for automatic, to me the transition was growth for me as a artist and transitioning into a different and better artist, automatic came pertaining to my drive in music cause I felt I was repetitive with my flow and my consistency with my music symbolizing me as a artist that will never stop so therefore I’m automatic when it comes to music.

How long have you been making music?

I knew I had a passion for music at a young at prolly around 12, I really made it something that I knew I would devote my life to around the age of 16. So I would say 16.

How would you describe the sound around your music, the background/ inspirations behind it?

First off uma start with my inspiration, which is micheal Jackson, only because of the drive he had for music and I feel like my drive is similar, I feel my music can impact the world, at times I get nervous at where I can take my talent to, it’s kinda like I was born with that spark for music, skill comes naturally, as far as my sound it’s now Southern R&B with a new age twist, but has feeling like the music from back in the day.

How do you spend your time outside the business?

At the moment, working a regular job, taking care of family and being around my family period.

What are your current thoughts on the music business in 2019?

I have a better understanding of the music business now that I’ve been doing music for awhile, at this point it’s more about marketing yourself and promotion as a artist to succeed nowadays, i feel the music industry is I need of more unique type music , nowadays the music sounds the same, that’s why I’m smart when I write, I get my point across but still make it current in the sound and what’s in today.

What inspires you when you make your music?

It’s not so much about making it, it’s rather more the finish product and getting reactions from the people who hear it, when you write music and have people that are totally different from you that can relate to ur music it’s inspiration, that’s my reason to keep going.

What music are you bumping at the moment?

At the moment to be honest I listen to people that I record first and foremost, as peaople on my team and my music as well, 

Industry music Um listening to pink sweat$, Jay z, and Childish Gambino, I often listen to Marvin Gaye, Micheal Jackson, Biggie, James Brown.

Rodomatic Jones – Tables Turn

Who are your top five greatest of all time?

Michael Jackson, Kanye, Jay-z, Lil Wayne, and Biggie.

Where can the world find you on the web?

YouTube: Rodomatic

Facebook: Rodomatic Jones



Do you have anything you’d like to plug or let the world about?

Do what you love and love what you do, chase the dream and everything else will fall in place.

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