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WrestleBIZ: NWA ‘Powerrr’ – Episode 1 (Full Show)

The Pro Wrestling business is currently on fire with fans, worldwide, having more options than ever!!!

WWE, AEW, Impact and Ring of Honour have been phenomenal as of late (well NXT has on WWE’s side of things), however, the promotion producing something real interesting is non other than the National Wrestling Alliance!!!

Over a decade removed from the NWA’s last bit of national exposure, courtesy of Impact (then known as TNA), the promotion is ready to step back into the spotlight but, this time, on it’s own again!!!

Thanks to, Smashing Pumpkins front man, Billy Corgan (who purchased the NWA in 2017) the company is back on everyone’s radar courtesy of it’s new, weekly, online show ‘Powerrr’ through their YouTube channel and Facebook Live!!!

The one hour show is produced at GPB Studios, in Atlanta, Georgia, giving it a nice old school feel. The show also builds on classic storytelling, and character building, which makes ‘Powerrr’ such an enjoyable watch!!!

Due to the NWA’s method of distribution, through online streaming as opposed to television, the show shows that the company is heading into the future with full beams on!!!

A great show, headlined by NWA World champion Nick Aldis against Tim Storm, is a concrete sign that NWA have got a product that will help them climb back into fans conversations about the top promotions in North America!!!



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