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Bizzare Stacey Dash Arrest, claims to be White!

Stacey Dash was arrested in bizzare circumstances and the CLUELESS star reportedly wished to be listed as a “white” female on arrest form

Stacey Dash has been quietly living with her new husband in Florida. Taking a break from acting and her political stint to focus on her family. Everything was going great until Sunday when she called the cops to her residence to arrest her husband for a domestic issue. When the police arrived, they found scratches on her husband and not on her and she was arrested. Her husband who happens to be an attorney had his three children in the home. His 15 year old daughter got into an argument with Stacey and got in her face, stories after that event are sketchy but needless to say, the kids stuck on their dads side and the only person that was arrested was Stacey. What are your thoughts?

The one-drop rule is a social and legal principle of racial classification that was historically prominent in the United States in the 20th century. It asserted that any person with even one ancestor of sub-Saharan African ancestry (“one drop” of black blood) is considered black (Negro or colored in historical terms).

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