WATCH: Mutah “Napoleon” Beale – My Life (Spoken Word)

WATCH: Mutah “Napoleon” Beale – My Life (Spoken Word)

Mutah Beale formerly known as “Napoleon” from the Multi-Platinum hiphop group “The Outlawz” After leaving the music industry 16 years ago, Mutah “Napoleon” Beale returned with poetry, raw vocals, free from musical instruments.

Directed and edited by: Mohammed Alshareef

From the city of bright lights, to gun play and fist fights
To roaming the vast desert, sipping
gahwa at midnight
Some are waiting for me to fail
But Allah had better plans
Keep reliance on my Lord
While relying on no man
Trying to duck away from the haters
While staying sucker free
Making salat 5 times a day
Hoping my sins won’t be the end of me
You know we all got enemies
Some smile, pretending to be friendly
While the rest are mean mugging
Trying to hide behind their envy
It’s from the mercy of my Lord
That I went from standing on the block selling rocks,
To standing next to the kabah
Making salat next to my Ahk
Of course I come in peace but I’m still fascinated with the glock
And if you run up on me the wrong way
Then You will be treated just like a opp
I can turn the other cheek, or I can turn and grab my heat
Islam is a balance way of life
So remember that when you’re approaching me
This deen turned boys into men
Kings into peasants
Islamic empires stretched from Arabia to Africa
Those who fought against became history lessons
Those who embraced it also became a lesson, for all eyes to see and all minds to read
This deen took straight Killers from out of the hood
And placed them on siratul mustaqeem
Blood, crips, Mexicans
Gang bangers full of aggression
Is now placing their face on the floor
5 times a day with out any discretion
We thank our Lord, we thank our creator, we thank support and even our haters, because with out you hating on us, we will have no motivators
I ask Allah for good in this life, good in the next and safety from the fire
I’m Fresh off the plane, made it to the states
Mobbing through the hood in Islamic attire
And I ain’t worried about the whispers and I ain’t worried about the stares
As long as I’m striving to please my Lord
If anything happens, then who cares
I came a long way from my block which is chancellor and union
Where murderers turn funeral homes into family reunions
Where a 9 year old, gotta hold his own cuz ain’t no father inside his home
A city where once you leave your door, better start thinking raw
Cuz one wrong move
Your life is gone
Is this the way that we should live our life
Is this the environment that you really think is right
A place that’s doom with no bright future in sight
elders rejected us, but the streets embraced us
So we had to learn to fight
To you it might be wrong but to us this is all right
To you, you might not understand
But to us, this is our life.
This is my life.

Mutah Beale:
IG – @mutahbeale
FB – /lifeofanoutlaw/
Twitter: @mutahnapoleon
Snapchat: MutahBeale


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