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Smif-N-Wessun at Band on the Wall, Manchester,UK!

Tek and Steele

Smif-N-Wessun + More Bounce DJs at Band on the Wall, Manchester


Smif N Wessun at Band on the Wall, Manchester
Plus More Bounce DJs
Thursday 22nd August
Tickets on sale now via

The dynamic duo of Tek and Steele known as, Smif N Wessun, are survivors of the game of hip-hop. Their street slick rhymes, personal chemistry, and ability to trade the mic smoother than a Hennie and Coke, are a testament to team work. With a fast break into success, legal trouble that forced a brief name change, and moving into the drive’s seat, from emcees to entrepreneurs, Tek and Steele have stood tall in the face of adversity as an impenetrable force.


Natives of Brooklyn, New York, Tek and Steele made their first appearance to the world of hip-hop on Black Moon’s 1993 debut, Enta Da Stage. The tracks, “Black Smif N Wessun” and “U Da Man” showcased their fierce and unrestricted lyrics.


This is a standing show.

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