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On The Line: United Elementz Media on hiatus – We’ll be gone ’til…..October!!! 

As United Elementz Media searches to find a new (physical) home, over the summer, we are taking a bit of a break from blogging (and everything else to be honest) to get things in order.

Just to confirm though we are not, we repeat, we are not leaving Bout Dat Enterprises we’re just waiting to get settled into our new home before we get back to business!!!

The Bout Dat Enterprises team are by far the best people we’ve had the opportunity to work with and they’ve provided us for not only a home to write, via Bout Dat Online’s ‘Audio Dope’ and ‘WrestleBIZ’, but to release music via Bout Dat Music Group (which also houses labels such as No Limited Global, Trap Mob and CMC)!!!

We’re aiming for October but, depending what happens, we maybe be back a bit earlier but who knows!!!

What we do know is that, upon our return, we’ll be aiming to drop more weekly content and working even closer with the Bout Dat team than ever before!!!

We’re also working on something BIG for 2020 as well so look out for more information on that coming soon!!!

Until then keep being #BoutDatLife and we’ll see you real soon!!!



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