DOATBM – I Got The Hook-Up 2 Movie Review! Black Haters

DOATBM – I Got The Hook-Up 2 Movie Review! Black Haters

Hook It Up

I Got The Hook-Up 2! “BLACK is BACK!” the anxiously anticipated Urban Comedy of the year starring and produced by Master P Miller & Romeo Miller as well as featuring record breaking characters, long standing movie stars, upstart viral comedians and more! We explore the movement behind the movie, it’s social impact, high expectancy and more! #DOATBM with FONZi NeuTRON aka Alfonzo IIIX!

After best friends Black and Blue’s restaurant is shut down, Black needs to find some cash — fast. He thinks his luck has turned when Blue’s son, Fatboy, and his best friend, Spyda,, bring him a stash of stolen cellphones, and Black decides to sell them on the streets. There’s only one problem: The boxes with the phones also contain the Colombian cartel’s stash of Molly, which Spyda decides to sell.


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