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On The Line: B-Eazy receives the ‘Temple of Hip-Hop’s’ blessing to be recognised as a #HipHopGrandmaster!!!


On The Line: B-Eazy receives the ‘Temple of Hip-Hop’s’ blessing to be recognised as a #HipHopGrandmaster

After nearly 20 years of supporting, and promoting, the Hip-Hop culture, within his community, Jersey, Channel Islands, Hip-Hop Artist/MC/DJ/Promoter and Blogger (for Bout Dat Online!!!), Matt ‘B-Eazy’ Lebouc, has been recognised as a ‘Hip-Hop Grandmaster’ for his contributions within the island!!!

After an online voting poll, via the United Elementz Facebook and Twitter pages, he was recognised as a ‘Grandmaster’ by his peers, however, he required something more to put an official stamp on the title and that was the blessing of the, KRS-One founded, Temple of Hip-Hop community.

After presenting the TOHH the two online voting polls, Temple minister, Minista Zin Uru, confirmed that whilst the Temple don’t directly recognise the Hip-Hop Grandmaster title (the TOHH does not have anything in place to officially recognise a G.M.) the status, and how it is obtained, does fall in line with the 16th principal of the ‘Hip-Hop Declaration of Peace’ (an act that was presented to the United Nations in 2001).

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The Temple then gave their blessing for B-Eazy to accept the title of ‘Grandmaster’ from members of the local Jersey (and some UK) Hip-Hop community!!!

Congratulations to ‘Hip-Hop Grandmaster’ B-Eazy on his recognition from the Bout Dat Team!!!


If you want to learn more about the ‘Temple of Hip-Hop’ and the ‘Hip-Hop Declaration of Peace’ please click the link here –

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