AUDIO DOPE: Slick Rick – Midas Touch/Max B – Black & I’m Proud

The ruler is back and so is the legendary Max Biggaveli!!!

Slick Rick returned with two brand tracks recently, ‘Can’t Dance To A Track That Ain’t Got No Soul’ and ‘Midas Touch’, which both show why the entire world has been hotly anticipating Rick’s return for so long!!!

We’ve chosen to highlight the short, but sweet, ‘Midas Touch’, out of the two tracks, as Rick manages to show why he is a boss in just under two minutes!!!

On the other side of things Max B inches closer to coming home with the first offering from his upcoming ‘Negro Spirituals’ album that will hopefully drop this year at some point!!!

Max has dropped a string of dope new singles over the last couple of months but his new one, ‘Black & I’m Proud’, shows real growth as, not only, an artist but also a person who has dealt with a lot!!!

Neither Slick Rick or Max B have lost a step in the time they’ve been away!!!

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