Enzo Amore on heat with Simon Gotch WWE | VIDEO

When Simon Gotch recently did a shoot interview for RF Video, he had some choice words for his old WWE/NXT colleague, Enzo Amore.

Now in this brand new shoot interview, Enzo (now known as nZo) finally responds to Simon Gotch & explains what he believes started the whole beef in the first place!

nZo (aka Enzo Amore in WWE) was 100% on fire in his first time ever wrestling shoot interview! nZo goes off for 3 FULL HOURS about everything WWE. Hear nZo’s epic response to Simon Gotch, who buried nZo is a previous shoot. What really happened that got nZo fired from WWE? Incredible info here! Plus: the injury where Simon tossed him outside the ring and he got his concussion and his reply to what Simon has said, How Ya doing!! Heat with the Boys, How Ya doing!! Issues on the bus and locker room during his two over seas tours in the UK with Roman Reigns and someone else, How Ya doing!! Heat with the office on refusing to do certain things in the ring, How Ya doing!! Shoot on Cass on twitter, How Ya doing!! Relationship with Dusty Rhodes, How Ya doing!! His 205 run, How Ya doing!! What does he have to say about his incident that had him leave the WWE, How Ya doing!! His unexpected run in at Survivor Series step by step and why he did it, How Ya doing!! Never before in WWE history has any act got so over in less than one year, as nZo and his tag team partner Big Cass. In one year they were breaking merchandise records and selling more shirts than John Cena!! They were also in some of the highest rated TV segments on RAW.

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