On The Line: Half-A-Clip – 5 Years of United Elementz

On The Line: Half-A-Clip – 5 Years of United Elementz

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It’s crazy to think that United Elementz has officially been waving the flag for the Hip-Hop culture in Jersey, Channel Islands, for 5 years!!! Half a decade people!!!

We couldn’t hit our 5th birthday without dropping a few lines about ourselves and just how far we’ve come over the years!!!

Set up by Jersey Hip-Hop artist, B-Eazy, and Graf artist, SAO2971, on March 8th, 2014, U.E. was set up to help artists representing the four elements of the Hip-Hop culture in the island network and promote their art through our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter!!!


After a couple of months of growth we promoted the Islands first ever, 2-day, urban arts event called ‘Street Skillz Summer Jam’ held at the local skatepark. The event was covered by local media outlets and promoted Hip-Hop positively in the island!!! Goal accomplished!!!

U.E. continued to grow over the years and managed to reach MC’s, DJ’s, B-Boys and Graf artists from all over the world!!! It was crazy seeing our logo on international media outlets!!!

Nowadays we are part of the Bout Dat family alongside the likes Trap Mob, CMC, World Class DJ Club and No Limit Global!!! Seeing our logo next to the No Limit tank, on some recent BDMG releases, was insane!!!

We’ve had our highs, and lows, over the years but we’ve pushed, and worked, to build, and expand, our brand and all while still representing the little island where it all started!!!

United Elementz want to thank everyone for supporting us over the last 5 years!!!

Here’s to us reaching 10 years!!!


Rap And Wrestling!!! If it aint

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