On The Line: Mistah B Interview (Australian Hip-Hop)

On The Line: Mistah B Interview (Australian Hip-Hop)

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We caught up with Australian Hip-Hop artist, Mistah B, to find out more about him, his thoughts on Hip-Hop and his upcoming projects!!!

UEM: Give us a bit of background on yourself. When did you first get into Hip-Hop and what inspired you to start making music?

MB: I go by the artist name Mistah B, sometimes Beast Mode B or just B. I hail from the Northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, the Great Land Down Under. My first memory of Hip-Hop, I believe, would have been around ’98, or ’99, when I’d sneak into my brothers room when he wasn’t home. I still remember the cassette tape clearly, Onyx ‘Shut ‘Em Down’, still one of my favourite albums to date. I got into writing poetry at, roughly, 13-14 years old as a way to vent my feelings. I started taking writing/music more serious at around 15 with a couple dudes from High School recording group tracks, freestyles, solo tracks and within a couple of years accumulating a couple thousand recordings. I dropped High School early eventually disbanding from the group stuff and focusing solely on myself as a solo artist as well as self teaching audio engineering. Roughly 12 years on, 15 releases (11 mixtapes, 3 solo E.P’s, and a group E.P), countless feature verses for artists globally and some production credits, I feel I’m only just at the start of a long future in the Underground Hip Hop scene.

UEM: What do you think of the current state on Hip-Hop?

MB: I really see Hip-Hop today as a bipolar disorder, very up and down. Of course, like most real Hip Hop heads, I can’t understand what people enjoy about the whole trap genre. Don’t get me wrong there are some good tracks being released, and as a lover of bass beats (as basic as they are) they definitely get me hyped but, as a fellow artist, I don’t see the art or respect the lack of effort put into the writing of these mainstream songs.

UEM: Who’s your favourite MC/Artist of all time and favourite out now?

MB: Without a doubt Tech N9ne is the king of my favourites list. The whole Strange Music roster brings a whole range of flavours to the table. If I were to name a top 5 it would be Tech N9ne, Onyx, The Psycho Realm, Rhyme Asylum & Vinnie Paz (as a solo artists and group stuff). As of late (thanks to Spotify) I’ve come across dope artists like G-Mo Skee, Trizz, Swisher Sleep and Prof to name a few.

UEM: Do you have any forthcoming projects dropping this year?

MB: Currently finishing up my 12th Mixtape, Mental Agony, after a few delays. Also doing the mixing and mastering for fellow Adelaide artist Joke’s first release. For a 22 year old the skills this young lad has unleashed in the studio have been not only spectacular but very surprising. Honestly in my years within the music scene I haven’t seen such dedication to the art and, even improvement, after recieving feedback from an artist so young and new to it all. Hoping to finally put together my on again, off again, mixtape, Fuckin’ Up Your Favourites, which has been an idea I’ve had floating around the pre-production stages for a couples of years now, basically taking instrumentals/karaoke versions of top 40 “hits” (from artists like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Sia) and putting a Mistah B touch to it. As the title says Fuck ’em up! I’m also highly considering putting together a long overdue first album, whether it be this year or the next, but that will depend on how  projects currently in progress pan out. I will have a few feature verses to be released on some upcoming releases from HRS Underground and also a new group/duo project in the works with Joke, under the name Terrible Natured Tekneeks, or T.N.T abbreviated.

UEM: Where do you see yourself, musically, in 5 years time?

MB: I’m hoping in 5 years to have a bit of progress put into my Beast Mode Productions venture. Hopefully get the ball rolling on some more projects as an engineer, get back into producing/beatmaking, and to push out some graphic design work. There is so much I want to do though, but the years go by faster and faster, I wouldn’t want to set too many goals short term with the likelihood of set backs that could turn to disappointment and things left unaccomplished.

Check out some of Mistah B’s music here –

Bandcamp – Mistah B on Bandcamp

Soundcloud – Mistah B on Soundcloud

Facebook – Mistah B on Facebook


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