MASTER P, JESSE WRIGHT AND OWEN RATLIFF TEAM UP TO DELIVER ONE OF THE NEWEST BIGGEST VIDEO GAME IN MARCH 2019 BLACK SALT COREUPTION Percy Miller aka Master P brand marketing genius business entrepreneur collaborated with Jesse Wright and Owen Ratliff video game technology gurus, came together to create one of the biggest minority-owned video game franchise Black Salt Coreuption bringing diversity to this multi-billion dollar gaming industry. Black Salt Coreuption is a one-on-one 3D arena fighting game that allows complete freedom of movement around the arena rather than 3D fighters doing combat on a 2D plane. The Black Salt Coreuption 3D arena fighting game series also combines two action properties. While Tekken, Dead or Alive and Virtua Fighter are technically 3D arena fighters, the combat essentially takes place on a shifting 2D plane. There are arena fighters with true 3D combat suchas Naruto Storm or Power Stone, but they are generally not considered to be serious fighters. Celebrities and video gamers are excited for the release of Black Salt Coreuption in March 2019. Join the movement and preorder the Black Salt Coreuption 3D arena fighting game:



black salt charachters



black salt coreuption

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