VICE Presents Inside America’s Most Violent Wrestling (Documentary)


As far as entertainment goes wrestling is certainly one of America’s favourites!

However when it comes to a style of dubbed ‘Deathmatch’ wrestling (or ‘Garbage’ wrestling as it was called by the late Giant Baba) does the art get thrown out the window for something a bit more sinister and disturbing aimed at a sicker, more twisted, audience than your average wrestling fan?

The folks at VICE made a really good documentary back in 2016 (which I’ve only recently got around to watching) which looks at this, more extreme, sub-genre of hardcore wrestling to find out what makes these athletes want to put their bodies through this much pain and what makes fans want to pay money to see other humans basically mutilate each other in the squared circle!

WARNING – This video contains graphic images and violence that some people made find offensive!

Watch here – VICE Presents Inside America’s Most Violent Wrestling (Documentary)

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