Craig Mack – That’s My Word EP (DatPiff Stream)

Craig Mack – That’s My Word EP (DatPiff Stream)


DJ Tape Deck King has put together an 8-track EP of the late Craig Mack’s work, from the year 2000, that was inspired by an interview the rapper had on Tim Westwood’s Radio 1 Rap Show.

On the show Mack announced he was dropping an album that summer called ‘That’s My Word’ but it never came out.

18 years later the ‘lost’ project (kind of) comes to light, courtesy of T.D.K’s Tape Deck Productions label. It also features snippets from the Westwood interview and a mammoth 12 minute freestyle too! Pure dope!!!

Stream the project on DatPiff here – Craig Mack – That’s My Word EP (DatPiff Stream)


Rap And Wrestling!!! If it aint

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  1. Roxanne is not Mack’s widow. They haven’t been together for many years and Mack remarried. Their family enjoy their privacy and unfortunately getting in contact with her is nearly impossible. Also, I wouldn’t go selling his music without permission. Just my thoughts. Peace!

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