Tape Deck King’s #ThursdayNightThrowback #9: Only Built For Z-share Links Special!!!


Well kids here we are at TNT #9 and this week I’ve decided to scrap tha usual steez and go do some different ish!

This week I’m throwing some light on the super dope Only Built For Z-share Links blog spot (run by DJ Stepone) that features nuttin’ but classic radio shows and mix tapes from the 80’s through to the early 00’s (aloooooot of Westwood shows but I’m a sucker for classic Westwood so I love that shit!)

Plus I’m proud as hell that one of my tapes (the Westwood Freestyles joint) got featured on here! My first exposure so it’s nuttin’ but love!!!

Read that Stepone is considering shutting the blog down next year which truthfully would suck major dick as this blog is crazy dope! This blog features a lot of shows and mixes that inspired me to get into the DJ game so it’s awesome to have a place to hit play and reminisce and read about the shows too!

So I need everyone to check it out and keep it alive for the culture!

Hit the link and dive in to some classics – http://djstepone.blogspot.com/

By the way after next weeks TNT #10 I’m bouncin’ for 3 weeks to go enjoy some well deserved New York flavaz and soaking shit up! See you next week peeps!

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