Audio Dope: G.O.O.D Music vs. Everybody

Audio Dope: G.O.O.D Music vs. Everybody


This last month has been a crazy one for the G.O.O.D Music camp! Starting with Pusha T’s amazing ‘DAYTONA’ album the label has been dropping albums (or EP’s depending who you ask) every Friday as a part of it’s resurrected ‘G.O.O.D Friday’ series!

But amongst all the new projects has also come plenty of shots from what seems to be everywhere! Pusha took aim at Drake on the track ‘Infrared’, from his ‘DAYTONA’ album, which did not sit well with Drake at all and continued what has always been a lengthly feud between Pusha and Cash Money/Young Money that started years before with King Push taking aim at Lil Wayne!

Drake came back 24 hours later with his ‘Duppy Freestyle’ which took aim at both Pusha and Kanye for lack of sales and ghostwriting! Pretty standard Drake diss record to be honest but it’s still not bad!

Drake – Duppy Freestyle

But Pusha don’t play! He came back strong with the personal as hell ‘The Story of Adidon’ which saw T murder Drizzy not just verbally but also on the artwork tip too! Hidden kids, blackface and label issues! OUCH!!! Add the fact that Drake has not responded to this (despite J. Prince’s claim that Drake supposedly had a diss record that would of ended Pusha and Ye but Prince advised him not to drop it after a phone call with Yeezy) this is a HUGE L for him to take (Meek Mill was certainly smiling somewhere lol)!

Pusha T – The Story of Adidon

Kanye also got it too from West Coast vet Daz Dillinger, after dropping his lukewarm ‘Ye’ album, in the form of ‘True To The Game Pt. 2’ which had Daz lyrically killing Yeezy, over Ice Cube’s ‘True To The Game’ instrumental, about his choice words about slavery and being a Trump supporter! Throw in some audio clips of Trump, and Ye on TMZ and this was a wrap!

Daz Dillinger – True To The Game Pt. 2

Lil Twist also dropped ‘Message 2 G.O.O.D Music’ as well but it was wak and doesn’t deserve a response but here it is anyway just for the purpose of the blog!

Lil Twist – Message 2 G.O.O.D Music

Interesting to see if anyone else fancies throwing anything else at the G.O.O.D Music camp (or affiliated projects that are dropping)! But until that happens let’s all look forward to the return of Nas (hopefully) this Friday!!!


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