Tape Deck King’s #ThursdayNightThrowback #6 feat. London Posse, Blade and Blak Twang!!!

Is New York is the house, say word!!! Nope this time round we are on a big time UK ting for the throwback selection this week!


First we see what life was like in 1988 with the big Ragga Hip-Hop classic ‘Money Mad’ from London Posse! Later dropping on their 1990 banger of an album, ‘Gangster Chronicles’, we hit up the original rudebwoy version that dropped on, the big dawg, Tim Westwood’s Justice imprint two years earlier! BIG TUNE!!!

London Posse – Money Mad (Original Version)


Next we visit Blade (alongside MC Mell’O’) as they tear shit up on the massive ‘Dark & Sinister’ from 1993’s ‘The Lion Goes From Strength To Strength’! This is a REAL F’ shit up anthem that makes Limp Bizkit’s ‘Break Stuff’ look like a bloody pillow fight! Gotta love some Blade too! Wish he’d come back!!!

Blade – Dark & Sinister (feat. MC Mell’O’)


And finally, ladies and mental men, we give you a track that many have proclaimed a true UK Anthem, straight from the man Big Tone (aka Blak Twang) himself, it’s 2002’s monster smash ‘So Rotten’!!! This song speaks for it’s self and is still a club killa in 2018! People take notes, this is how you make a monster tune that still kills it in clubs 16 years later! BOOM!!!

Blak Twang – So Rotton

Until next time good folks enjoy ya weekends and don’t get too pissed!!

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