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Hope Dealers – Fire in The Booth (1Xtra Video)


Can their really be room for Gospel Drill in the world of Hip-Hop? Well after listening to South London’s Hope Dealers the answer is definitely yes!

The Dealers stopped by Charlie Sloth’s Saturday Night Rap Show on BBC 1Xtra and Radio One to do something I’d never believed possible, spit the word of god over some banging drill instrumentals! And better yet still not once did they come across as preachy which sealed the deal for posting this up!

A real eye opener that anyone can do whatever they want to do in this day and age! They also kept it grimy at some points which prove you can praise both the lord and the streets!

If your looking for something a bit different from the UK Hip-Hop scene I would highly recommend checking this out!

Check the video here – Hope Dealers – Fire in The Booth (1Xtra Video)

Also hit them up on Soundcloud here – Hope Dealers on Soundcloud

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