Artist Spotlight (Interview) – Kapes


Featured Artist: Kapes

Hip-Hop artist from Birmingham, UK


Where do you hail from?

I come from Birmingham, England and have moved around the city a lot.

How did your artist name come about?
My name was originally Kaypa (caper) meaning a plot, saga or crazy event. People used to call me Kapes for short. At a point when I felt my music moving in a new direction, I decided to stick with Kapes.


How long have you been making music?

I have been writing and rapping since 1998. I didn’t start recording music officially until about 2007/2008

How would you describe the sound around your music, the background/inspirations behind it?

I was mostly inspired by old school/golden era hip hop. I have kept those elements in the production mostly. A lot of the time I have went for 90’s style beats with a bit of a west coast flavour. These days I’m more open to anything musically. The album I’m working on is a lot more versatile in terms of production. There’s some boom bap, trap and some chilled out bluesy stuff there. Lyrically I was always inspired by artists that have something real to say. I don’t mind dropping a few feel good party tracks but mostly I’m writing for a reason.


How do you spend your time outside of the business?

I spent my time with my family. I have two sons. They are 7 and 5 and they like to freestyle too lol.

What are your current thoughts of the music business in 2018?

In all honesty I don’t pay much attention to it. There’s always great artists on the underground though. A handful cross over but for the most part, conscious or lyrical artists don’t get the push they used to.

What have you got planned for the near future?

I have an album in the works called “scattered seeds”. I’m very excited to get that out.

What inspires you when you make your music?

My faith, life experiences and also what is happening in the world. Things I see on a day to day basis. 

What music are you bumping at the moment?

Woo woo – untold chapters 2 (kingdom muzic)

Who’s in your Top 5 greatest artist of all time?


I find this so hard to answer. My top spot has always been 2pac because ever since I was a kid, I found his music more moving than anyone else. The rest is difficult to say but if I was pushed I’d say 2. Bizzy Bone 3. Krayzie Bone 3. Scarface 4. Big Daddy Kane 5. Lauryn Hill


Where can the world find you on the web?

You can find my music on my YouTube channel ” The Kapes Tapes “ and on
You can catch up with me on Facebook: Kapes Updates
Twitter @subvertedkapers

Do you have anything you’d like to plug or let the people know about?


If you haven’t seen the “shroud of turin” video on YouTube, please check it out! Also the forthcoming album will soon be available from all major digital retailers.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing more from you in future!


check out Kapes latest single SHROUD OF TURIN on youtube!



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