Tape Deck King’s #ThursdayNightThrowback #3 feat. Slick Rick, Wyclef Jean and Twista!!!

T.D.K back in effect with the third instalment of my weekly throwback selections on Bout Dat Online!!!


To kick things off we travel back to 1988 as Slick Rick the Ruler try’s to mack a lady called ‘Mona Lisa’ before his mates drag him away to “meet some real mature women and some more of they friends”! Classic stuff!!!

Slick Rick – Mona Lisa


Next up we travel 9 years forward to 1997 and a dope album cut from Wyclef Jean’s debut ‘The Carnival’! ‘Bubblegoose’ has Wyclef warning of the dangers of being in the gangsta lifestyle before catching a bullet in his bubble goose! Ouch!

Wyclef Jean – Bubblegoose


Lastly we visit Twista, as he and Anthony Hamilton, enjoy the wonders of getting paid on a lovely day on 2004’s, Bill Wither’s sampling, ‘Sunshine’!

Twista – Sunshine

Until next week people enjoy your weekend! One love live from the Tape Deck!

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