Slum Village – The Lost Scrolls, Vol. 2 (iTunes Stream + Purchase)


For fans of Slum Village this is a great little edition to their discography and a nice companion piece to J Dilla’s superb ‘Ruff Draft’ EP.

Featuring 11 demo cuts, remixes and freestyles to celebrate the 20th anniversary of when they finished their second album, ‘The Fantastic, Vol. 2’, this album features some real head nodding bangers to take you on a trip down memory lane. The only real issue is most of the tracks are extremely short (ranging from 40 seconds to just over 2 minutes, except the ‘Hold Tight’ Remix which is 3:44) and make this project a real quick one to get through, which in turn, makes it pretty difficult to properly digest.

None the less it’s still a pretty dope, and fun, record that shows even Slum Village’s unpolished demo/freestyle sessions are still slicker than most modern day artists full lengths.

Highlights – ‘Hold Tight (Remix)’, ‘Bring It Back’, ‘Let’s Talk About The Hoes’.

Stream + Purchase here – Slum Village – The Lost Scrolls, Vol. 2 (iTunes Stream + Purchase)

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