Bishop Nehru has been pretty quiet since the release of ‘NehruvianDOOM’ with MF DOOM back in 2014 but he’s returned with a dope new concept album split into two acts and produced by two different producers!!!

With DOOM and Kaytranada on the boards (Act I: Ascension produced by Kaytranada and Act II: Free Falling produced by DOOM) Bishop proves why Hip-Hop is in good hands and why today’s generation of artists aren’t just mumble rappers who couldn’t spit a dope 16 if their lives depended on it!!!

Highlights – ‘Driftin’, ‘No Idea’, ‘Potassium’ (would honestly say that Act I is the strongest of the two halves but DOOM still does his thing production wise on Act II)

Stream + Purchase here – Bishop Nehru – Elevators: Act I & II (iTunes Stream + Purchase)

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