Introducing: Congo Bololo Crew – KAMULANGU

Introducing: Congo Bololo Crew – KAMULANGU

lo baby Kazedoux Congo Bololo Crew

We recently caught up with L.O Baby 1/2 of The Congo Bololo Crew



So tell us about yourself?

My name is Lolita Nyanga Mbaki born in Congo RDC Came in the UK when I was five Coming from a big family from my mother’s side of 14 children most of my cousins did music and I was always around that and from a young age I’ve always said that I would make a life out it. Unfortunately life don’t always turn out how you want it to I ended up having 4 kids at a young age and was in a manipulated & a violent relationship with my kids daddy I had to put my dreams aside and concentrate on my kids as I lost my mother at the age off 11 so it was important for me to spend enough time and bond with my kids cause I never had the opportunity with my mother.



What happened next?

At this point my self esteem was so low I didn’t believe in myself anymore and the thing that kept me going was my kids and music I was still writing music in my spare time. I believe words are Powerful if you put it into music it becomes a message And that really helped me throughout my time of pain and struggle all I knew was that I had a lot to say and the way that I was going to say what I wanted to say was through music and other people would relate. 

FONZi lol baby kazedoux

You have quite a sound and unique accent how did that come about?

I moved from Oxfordshire to London around about 2010 -2011 where I was called for an audition with other rap artist in the community that was up coming at the time. Where I met two other female artists that also had kids with the same passion as me to fulfill their dreams in music we kept in touch. In 2014 I hooked up with one of the girls we did a little quick track playing about posted it on Facebook as you do and the response was amazing people loved it and encouraged us to do more and then I went doing something with the other girl and again people liked it. We decided to come together as a girl’s group called diamond T but we was still solo doing our own things on social media I had so much going on at the time with my kids love life that’s why we agreed to keep It solo. when we were together we was diamond T But that didn’t last 3 bitches never work always a lot of bitching.


How did you meet Kazedoux and form alliance?

I then moved to Birmingham in 2015 I had a DJ by the name of YANKGUCCI who always believed in he wanted me to show my talent he then invited me to an event in Birmingham in 2016 but I didn’t go cause I felt I wasn’t ready life wasn’t stable for me at the time. and then in 2017 he invited me again And this time I was ready for Music I only had two weeks notice I had to come up with a song damn quick (#Blood) and record it so I can perform on the night I had music on paper that I was already writing like #Serious as I was working on my project at the time but never recorded or put up a song on YouTube This was a great opportunity for me coz that’s how I met Kazedoux THE DOCTOR I CALL HIM and heard his music.


How does it differ working as part of group?

We knew each other before​ through friends we were both introduced as music artist to each other our friends wanted us to do something together but I wasn’t ready at the time. Until we was both invited to the event on the 8th of August 2017 where i heard Kazedoux’s music but didn’t know it was him that sang it cause I’d heard the song before in the community and liked it I was surprised he also saw me performing and heard my song after that he came up to me and shook my hand congratulating me on my song. The next day we found each other on Facebook he showed me some of his music and I showed him some of mine and he liked serious and wanted to jump on it so we got together on the same day finished serious and went on to record other songs together me and Kazedoux have done two clips on Youtube and have recorded a couple more songs since then. I enjoy working with Kazedoux cause we both share the same passion that you can only understand if you love music the way that we do we synchronize.


Where Does The Name Congo Bololo Crew derive from?

Me and Kazedoux are part of a group called #CongoBololoCrew cos congo is motherland and we are representing the roots with a twist of UK cause I was raised in Britain. We still work solo I know kazedoux has his own project I have my project as well BUT together we are #CongoBololoCrew is nice to work together as a team sometime to support each other.





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