THE HOT LOW – Chamillionaire Still Ridin Dirty ?

Who remember Chamillionaire and his hit single “Ridin Dirty” ? Wondering where he’s at or what he’s up to? Well we have the low down. Chamillionaire has been off the scene for a while now, but we have a feeling that it’s only a matter of time before he’ll be back ridin dirty.  the 35yr old brother of fellow artist Rasaq has put everything on hold to focus on investment ventures, however you can still book an event with the artist via his private booking agency

Despite his absence from our tv screens Chamillionaire still has the fans going crazy.  One fan wrote on his twitter

Marta Zelaya @martaz23   “In fifth grade my username on club penguin was Chamillionare96 and now I’m going to see him on Friday. Dreams do come true.”

Whilst another wrote,

Matt Deck @ButtahBenzo5280 Man I miss droppin new music every other week.”

-LongLiveOVA- @QweenKoopa 

Nice to finally meet u ! All the hassle it took for me to get there was well worth I knew it would be. Thanks

The love continues over on his twitter where you can follow the artist updates