THE HOT LOW – Young Junne Dishonorably discharged from No Limit


Young junne released the following

“I am not with NoLimit anymore. I am sorry to all the NoLimit fans who supported me, but I got tired of Master P taking/Stealing my music and using it for himself to attempt to become relevant again. This man called me yesterday asking me to sign a contract that I obviously turned down…twice. Master P tried to have me sign for 7 years! We all know my style of music and it already does not fit the Nolimit persona. I was Master P’s best chance of making NoLimit a respected label again because we ALL know he’s played out. His YouTube views & his IG followers are not legitimate and I can’t respect that from someone who I thought was one of the realist, but ended up being the biggest fraud behind all of those icy chains and that Versace shirt that we are all familiar with. You bash on other stars just to get exposure [Lamar Odom and Kobe, etc]. P, you’re mad because I left. But I left because your not relevant in this music game & you rob niggas way too often. You wasted a year of my life because you never respect my vision, but yet when you left the studio and let me do my thang you seem to always come back with “yeah this is coo, imma jump on it”. You tried to take away my ability to grow as an individual & artist. Did you all notice that every artist that had anything to do with P left this fony man and THEN they got big. One thing you should know about P is he surrounds himself around a bunch of “yes men” who are trained to not speak unless spoken to. You got all the money in the world, but yet your artists and NoLimit affiliates are living like straight shit; all of the artist live in the basement of P’s studio in what feels like prison cells with paper thin walls and no privacy.I thought when you work for someone you get paid for it and that was NOT the case, niggas were hungry, sleeping on floors, couldn’t take showers, but yet P would walk in with his thousand dollar outfits & say alright let’s do a video while we all looked fucked up! Let’s all not forget these are the people who SIGNED that contract filled with loop holes and false promises. So stop calling my phone.You can’t stop God’s seed from growing, but you sure did plant it?”

The controversy stemmed from Junne allegedly leaking the below video *promotional use only*


No Limit Graphic designer Hitmayne was first to address Junne’s statement with the following song and reply


Brah im gon keep it real, cause your full of shit, i was in LA when you was in LA -, and you had a shitty attitude most of the time, Your mentality was im now with P, i should be rich too cause i see all this old money, instead of hustle day n day out and take the opportunity to make new money with P and the team . BRAH just cause you record a few songs dont make you make it in this game, its take alot more then that. see when you shit on P and this movement you shit on the entire team, they worked day n day out PUSHING YOU!!! LETS BE REAL HERE, who else gonna reach out to you, pay for all your flights to and from any any where u wanted to go, put you in hotels every night, give u a place to stay, Feed you every day 3 times a day like a king, put money in your pocket, GIVE YOU AN ENTIRE STUDIO for FREE , pay producers to be there 24/7. engineers 24/7, designer and promoters 24/7, Video guys every week, TO BE THERE FOR YOU.. not only that, P pushed your name in every interview, put you on all the mixtapes, took you to major radio station, put you on SWAY, put you on everything, tours and etc. YOU HAD A HUGE OPPORTUNITY, but what you did was see P’s ghost and think u suddenly should have a GHOST, P ROBBED YOU? how he rob you when he aint make back what he invested in YOUR UNGRATEFUL ass. brah, i really liked ur music, me and p had many meetings about you and how talented u was and how we was psuhign u…, BUT BE TRUTHFUL here, the 2 months i was in LA, I NEVER SEEN YOU IN THE BOOTH, u was in yea room with yea girl, everyday and night, that aint no diss, BRAH u should of been recording every day, every hour, every sec i was there iw as WORKING, i was BUSTING MY ASS FOR YOU, for the team, see i dont see the ghost and think where’s mine, i see it and say P, WHAT THE FUCK WE GOTTA DO, WHAT WE GOTTA HUSTLE so i can earn one too. You should be focused on that 2015 money instead of let me get a piece of that old. look dont be mad at me, u know brother i tried, but this here is some bullshit. and u know it. u wrong, one day you’ll see, get out yea feeling, and get yea ass on the hustle, YOU GOT TO MUCH TALENT, BUT YOU CAN ONLY BLAME GETTIN SENT HOME, ON YOURSELF. god bless you, and i wish u the best. 1 hit.


No Limit Forever A&R department has also condemed social media stunt by local artist Junne and have released the following statement



“Recently, Pittsburgh’s local artist Junne has brought the worst of behavior to hip hop with his social media post that many have called a “clearly negative and desperate attack” for fame. Here’s the truth, Junne was found by No Limit Forever A&R Mr. Ross and was invited to come record music with the No Limit forever family and see if he would be a good f1t for them there at No Limit Forever. First of all P had nothing to do with this. Junne, like many independent artists showed up with many financial burdens. As a matter of fact, out of generosity we sent him gas money for him and his girlfriend to drive out to the No Limit Studios, paid numerous hotel bills, and helped him so that his Dodge Avenger would not be repossessed. Upon his arrival, while recording We provided him with money for meals, clothing, gas, countless flights to Seattle, Pittsburgh and money for many other endeavors of Junne’s with no contract. Junne was and is relatively unknown to the hip hop consumers. Burning up a No Limit Contract is like burning money, we only do 50/50 partnerships with artists while most labels only offer three sixty deals. Our studio is not for housing artists, even though we have rooms and showers for those who work overnight to further their careers. All P has ever asked of any artist was to invest their time. So if you call the studio a prison and prefer to party more than you put in work you can’t be serious about your career. Its funny how just last week he was posting all of this No Limit stuff up, but when mysteriously he posts up a video which was not authorized by No Limit Video director, he desperately turned it into his own video, and then he goes on a social media rant. The label has lost a lot of respect for him and his actions, and is not interested in doing any business with him. This is old news he hasn’t been around the studio in more than five month, and in the last 5 months how many projects has he put out. No Limit Forever A&R Director Mr. Bursh said “Junne was never signed to No Limit Forever Records and it’s truly disappointing that Junne has made it obviously clear that he is ungrateful for the opportunities that were offered him. The fact of the matter is Master P doesn’t benefit from working with unknown artists being he has already built a label that has sold over seventy five million records and he has dropped multiple mixtapes this year alone which makes him the hardest working artist on our label plus he’s the BOSS! .. Mr. Bursh went on to say .. It’s unfortunate that Junne does not appreciate the opportunity he had to work and learn from one of the most Successful Hip Hop Moguls of all time … The little talent that Junne has will only be overshadowed by gimmicks and social media stunts.This outburst leads one to believe this only about money, clothes and gifts. We can only wish him the best at this point. Just for the record No Limit has never held an artist that signed into the label if they didn’t want to be with us. “It’s Loyalty over royalties”