THE HOT LOW – Rihanna to Launch New Weed Line… "Marihanna"

So the latest gossip is that the Barbadian beauty that is Rihanna is set to launch a new line…. but here’s the twist, this is not a clothing line, make-up or a new perfume line, NO !!  The island princess is busy making mogul moves that we’ve forgotten that she hasn’t released any new music in a while. Rihanna once said that a career in the music industry is short lived and she intends to milk it dry, and promises never to be forgotten even when her music career is long dead and gone. Well she is definitely on the right track. Rihanna made her announcement at the High Times Cannabis Cup, in of-course no where other than JAMAICA ! She has many well wishers on this venture, including many prominent Jamaican artist. We are currently awaiting correspondence from Rihanna’s people about this new project as they are yet to confirm it officially.


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