THE HOT LOW – Sallie Axl & The Ink Dolls


Meet Sallie Axl and The Ink Dolls. Britain’s Very Own Tattooed Barbie,

In An Exclusive Interview.



Mum-of-one Sallie said: “We’re looking for girls with character and attitude. A good attitude though! We’re not into bitchiness at all.”




“If anyone bitches they’ll be dragged out of here so fast by their hair. We can’t work with someone who’s not seen to be part of our group.”




(Sallie and her Dolls are looking for new members to join their tattoo business)



She continued: “We’re sassy girls with personalities. People look up to us, young girls who want to be different. And boys fancy us because we’re unique.

“When we were younger tattoos were looked down on, peoples attitudes are very dated.”Now it’s more accepted to be out there. Even if wasn’t, we wouldn’t care. We’d still be ourselves.”



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“You can put us in a hip hop club and we’ll rock out. You can put us on a red carpet and we’ll work it. We’re just us. We’ll all be tattooed grannies.”

Sallie said: “I got my face tattooed, it caused such a drama. So much hate mail! I’ve wanted it for ages, that’s the thing, it’s my body. If I want to shave my hair off, I’ll shave my hair off.


“When I got my sleeve done five years ago, I remember going to a club and them asking me to cover it.

“It was in Bambu in Newcastle, only in 2009. They said not to come in unless I covered it up. That happened a lot.”

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