HOT NEW MUSIC: FONZi NeuTRON – Strawberry 2072 (WATCH NOW)

HOT NEW MUSIC: FONZi NeuTRON – Strawberry 2072 (WATCH NOW)

Bout Dat Emissary FONZI NeuTRON ids back at it with his signature end of month release (October) with new single STRAWBERRY 2072 a cosmic fusion of classic and future sounds bring about this refreshing  song taken from recently released EP #TRONUprising

Available via all digital release outlets and exclusive extended edition only here ON THE LINE

Scroll down to check out TRON’s other releases that have graced us this year.

JANUARY 2015 – Cosmic-Hop

FEBRUARY 2015 – DollFace


APRIL 2015 – Rebel Of The Underground

MAY 2015 – Mnemonic

JUNE 2015 – Cosmic-Juice ft. Juventud Guerrera

JULY 2015 – Born Legendary (Hussein Fatal Tribute)

AUGUST 2015 – Ridin (Beatin’ Up Da Blok G-Mix) ft. Marnz Malone + RD [BDL MAFIA]

SEPTEMBER 2015 – MURDA SHOW ft. Slick Dubble  [BDL MAFIA]

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