AUDIO: Master P Interview talks Jimmy Iovine, 2Pac, Cash Money beef, Dubai


Brand New Interview from the Colonel

The Ice Cream Man himself Master P joins @ChehadeTheKing for an exclusive interview on Dash Radio

– 0:49 Master P talks about his purpose to make money through music and paving the way for artists to be able to make money through their music.

– 2:15 @ChehadeTheKing and Master P talk about how Master P paved the way for independent artists while other groups such as NWA were getting fucked over by labels.

– 3:02 Master P talks about Jimmy Iovine trying to sign him and him rejecting his million dollar offer.

– 4:10 Master P talks about touring with 2 Pac

– 4:37 @ChehadeTheKing and Master P talk about No Limit Records having 20 albums on the top 100 charts. About 15%-20% of the music industry.

– 6:00 Master P discusses his 80/20 distribution deal which allowed him to be the boss of his own music and label

– 6:24 Master P explains the story behind him saving Snoop Dogg’s career, buying his contract out from Deathrow Records and signing him to No Limit Records

– 8:32 Master P talks about having shows in Dubai and mentions Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa & Rihanna as possible artists that will join him.

Master P Dubai

– 9:50 @ChehadeTheKing and Master P discuss Mystikal singing to No Limit Records from Jive Records

– 10:52 Master P talks about his goal to make it to 19 years old and New Orleans basically being the murder capital of the world at the time.

– 13:00 Master P talks about his son Romeo changing his life being the reason he decided to pack up, leave (New Orleans) and move on.



– 14:15 @ChehadeTheKing asks about the Cash Money – No Limit Records feud. Master P talks about why they never worked together.

– 16:16 Master P meets Soulja Slim for the first time while he was robbing Master P’s producer

– 16:48 Master P explains why he never got caught up in the drug/heroin epidemic in New Orleans growing up

– 19:20 @ChehadeTheKing and Master P talk about how P met J. Prince at the university of Houston

– 21:09 Master P talks about how E-40’s uncle St. Charles taught Master P the rap the game


– 22:00 @ChehadeTheKing talks about how Master P introduced the South to the West Coast

– 22:38 @ChehadeTheKing talks about how Master P was the first time he ever saw a double disc drop

– 23:20 @ChehadeTheKing talks about Master P putting bosses together on a record ( UGK, 8Ball & MJG, Master P)

– 25:15 Master P talks about shooting up the club in Oakland after someone knocks out Big Ed

– 29:21 @ChehadeTheKing asks Master P about a record on Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 “Freak Ho” a record originally made by Master P “Freak Hoes”

– 31:51 @ChehadeTheKing asks Master P who his favorite rapper is

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 15.16.39

– 33:00 @ChehadeTheKing talks about blowing up “Like What” a record by Problem and remix of Master P’s “How You Do That There”

– 35:36 Master P talks about “Homies & Thugs” a record by Master P x Scarface x Tupac

– 37:30 @ChehadeTheKing talks about 2 Pac’s influence on Master P in his music even after he passed.

– 39:55 @ChehadeTheKing talks about how Master P should be viewed as a “Jimmy Iovine”

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