Jayden – PCB Photography | Fashion

Location – Nottingham, UK.
Clothing – Bout Dat Life Apparel

Model – Jayden

(An up and coming fashion model and multi-talented teenager.)

We want to inspire young people to follow their dreams.

Follow on IG – @jayden__model_actor

Jayden is available for modelling fashion shoots, music videos, and castings.

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Lizzy Buckley (Bout Dat Fashion) | HOT!

 Photo credit: Aquarian Dream Photography

Collaborative urban fashion photoshoot with “AQUARIAN DREAM PHOTOGRAPHY” in conjunction with Bout Dat Life Apparel.



Model – Elizabeth Buckley


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Lizzy Buckley (Aquarian Dream Shoot)| Fashion

bdl lizzy buckley no squares4

Photo credit: Aquarian Dream Photography

Collaborative urban fashion photoshoot with “AQUARIAN DREAM PHOTOGRAPHY” in conjunction with Bout Dat Life Apparel.

Model – Elizabeth Buckley


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[BD CLASSICS] Hits From The Vault – Best of The Best| Music


Part 2 coming soon ON THE LINE! a 2019 Exclusive drop featuring some of the best from 2012-2017 Seasons

BDMG arguably boasts the first the consolidate neighborhoods and cultures withing Birmingham, UK music scene. Hip-Hop pioneer FONZi Neutron (FKA Young [P] Money) joins Words Worthy, Gorilla Sawnoff and Chundarg for this freestyle FIRE!!! JOIN US ON THE LINE! Bout Dat Online for more BOUT DAT CLASSICS
The Almighty Mixtape


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Model Behaviour: Yanita (Trap Mob)

Model: Yanita

Age: 24
Height: 5”7
Weight: 43
Chest: 32
Waist: 24
Hips: 34
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Black
Dress Size: UK 6
Shoe Size: UK 4
Skin Color: Tan
Ethnicity: Thai
Languages Spoken: English, Thai


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Profession: Student
Agencies: N/A
Milestones: Modelling for Vogue and well established publications
Current location: Lincolnshire
Tell us about your career within modelling, how did you get started?

I started modelling for an online boutique in Bangkok, Thailand after relocating to the Uk for studies was fortunate to work as a part of Lincoln Fashion Week amongst other models and designers on the Catwalk

Who’s your favourite photographer you’ve done a shoot with and why?

I have recently enjoyed working with Bout Dat Productions, they were very professional and had a fun experience.



What is your best model experience ever?

Being a brand model for a well established online store for over two years, within this opportunities arose for magazine placements in Singapore and other markets.
Could you describe your daily routine when you do castings?

Before casting I always make sure my appearance is well, I generally shop for a new outfit and ensure I have the desired make-up/accessories for my look.
What’s your favorite outfit to wear to castings?

Generally speaking white tee shirt, skinny jeans with heels. i.e Something plain that can stylised with most things.
Which five words would your friends use to describe you?

– Talkative
– Friendly
– Fashionista
– Good Photographer
– Easy Going
What is your favorite healthy snack?

– Protein Bar
What is your all time favorite movie and why?

Harry Potter
Which make-up brands are you using?

Bobbi Brow, Benefit, Rimmel London

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling?

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If you want to do it go for it, self confidence will carry you a long way.

What do you think Bout Dat can do for the model community?

Putting on events within the community, music fashion event

Do you have any model friend you would like to see presented on Model of Month?

I have somebody in mind we recently worked together on the fashion week showcase
Where can we follow you?

INSTAGRAM: @yanitaa.p
Twitter: @yanitaaa_p
What are the main challenges in modeling today?

High completion with other models due to over saturation of the scene. The internet has made it easier for everyone to showcase their talents however lack of regulations can be challenge.
What do you enjoy most of your profession?

Photoshoots, mostly outdoor

How would you describe a model life?

Sometimes stressful as it’s always been alongside work/studies. So it’s finding time to meet opportunities and balance time.
Do you think models are able to find long lasting friendships within the industry today?

Yes, you can build friendships anywhere if you are of good character

What is your big model dream?

To expand successfully and make a name for myself within the profession of modelling.



What’s your favorite place in the world?

Hokkaido, Japan

Give us 5 fun facts people might not know about you yet?

– I’ve been playing the piano since the age of 12
– I have a terrible singing voice
– My dance skills are quite limited
– I’m a Cat person
– Have been known to sleeptalk in the past

What is your favorite thing to do when not working?

Watch movies, hang out with friends, listen to music, and reading

Take us through a typical day in the life?

Gym, The usual study/work in day and if lucky some extra curricular in the night
How do you keep your body in good shape?

I go to the gym 3/4 times a week at the least.


[Mixtape] The Almighty BDL – Best of The Best (2019) | Music


NOW AVAILABLE ON THE LINE! a 2019 Exclusive drop featuring some of the best from 2012-2017 Seasons including Bout Dat Alumni from Super groups BD ThunderCats, BDL MAFIA, Trap Mob

The Almighty Mixtape
#Salute Enjoy The Stream, Feedback Is Honored Download For Free Now!!! A Bout Dat Xperience! Trap Mob 🎼 WORLDWIDE


Bout Dat Music Group presents the brand new mixtape hosted by, World Class DJ Club members, Artists and Performers: Fonzi Neutron, Budz GB, Rochy, Marnz Malone, Words Worthy, AD, Nena, Al Mizzle, Kofi, Y.C.E, Emz, RD, J Wade, KJ, Aza, Lolo Ferrari, Kazedoux, Scribz, Keture. Compositions: Hard Hitter Productions, PillazNation, Messiah Kaeto, BigFroductions

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BDL Apparel 2019 (Preview) | Fashion


Photo credit: Aquarian Dream Photography

Collaborative urban fashion photoshoot with “AQUARIAN DREAM PHOTOGRAPHY” in conjunction with Elementz Of Couture at The Historical Lilleshall Abbey.




Models – Amor Findley, Emily Loveitt and Hannah Leigh.


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UPDATE: New BDL Apparel added to store!

BOUT DAT LIFE APPAREL is an expanding business with a Global fanbase that has over the past 2 years expanded from New Orleans, USA, Holland, Germany, Greeze, Jamaica and Caribbean as well as Birmingham and multiple cities across the UK. Established in 2016 as an off shoot of music brand; BOUT DAT LIFE APPAREL is a commercial urban wear brand currently made up of 3 unique sub-brands; BOUT DAT LIFE, TRAP MOB and NO SQUARES ALLOWED, however NO SQUARES through being held at the forefront in company branding since 2012 thus is still regarded the back bone of the brand.


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Fresh fits for the Summer added to our store be sure to check out the hottest street fashion label that has been garnering World exposure within the Urban Entertainment scene.





Cosmic Girls – Dee Viirgo



Model dancer and actor @DeeViirgo







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Fashion Folder: Kazo – Bout Dat Life T-Shirt

Model: Kazo Smookz

Photographer: Jo Shula Photography (Dynamic Studios) – @Jo.shula_photographer

Location: Rosie’s Birmingham

Kazo is also a Birmingham based Actor, Model and Producer you can follow him at @Kazo_Smookz_


Interested in modelling contact us using the form below or any general inquiries 🙂

Last years Elementz Of Couture Charity Modelling Competition In Birmingham, UK

Elementz of couture model bootcamp